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    Jeffrey D. Barrar P.S. | Vancouver Defenders


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Jeffrey D. Barrar P.S. has grown to become the largest criminal defense firm in Southwest Washington. The firm has public contracts to represent indigent defendants in felony and misdemeanor cases and also represents privately retained clients.

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LeClair wins DV trial in District Court

Attorney Mitch LeClair successfully argued against an assault charge in a domestic violence trial on April 26 in Clark County District Court.
LeClair’s client was arrested in February and charged with assault in the fourth degree, a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail.
After receiving instructions, including one on self-defense, the jury deliberated approximately an hour before returning the “not guilty” verdict.

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Shapiro, Swisher win District Court trial

Attorneys Micah Shapiro and Matthew Swisher won a trial Feb. 22 in Clark County District Court for a client charged with domestic violence assault and harassment.  

The charges, both gross misdemeanors, carry a penalty of up to one year in jail. Convictions would have also cost the client his 20-year career.  

Jurors deliberated 15 minutes before returning the not-guilty verdicts.

The client was arrested in September 2023 after he and his ex-girlfriend both called 911.

She told the 911 dispatcher she’d been assaulted and knocked to the ground and threatened. He called later, wondering when the officers were going to arrive and that none of what she had said was true.

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Saraceno wins DUI trial

Attorney Nick Saraceno won a not-guilty verdict Feb. 16 in Clark County District Court for a client charged with driving under the influence.

The client was arrested Sept. 2, 2023, after a Washington State Patrol trooper pulled him over for speeding on State Route 500. The trooper wrote in his report he used his radar to clock the client’s vehicle at 78 mph in a 55-mph zone. After he signaled for the client to pull over, the client did and answered the trooper’s questions. The trooper noted that there was a case of beer in the rear passenger seat, and he could smell an odor of intoxicants from the driver. He wrote that when he asked the driver for his registration and insurance, the driver’s movements were “slow and deliberate.” The driver subsequently agreed to do a portable breath test. The result of the PBT was .088, slightly above the legal limit of .08. The client also performed field-sobriety tests. He told the trooper that he’d had a few beers earlier in the evening.

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Shapiro wins another DV trial

Micah Shapiro won a trial Jan. 12 in Clark County District Court for a client in a domestic violence case.

Jurors deliberated fewer than 15 minutes before returning a not-guilty verdict for the client, who was charged with malicious mischief in the third degree and harassment, both gross misdemeanors punishable by up to one year in jail.

His client was arrested in July 2023 after his wife called 911. She told the dispatcher, and responding officers from the Vancouver Police Department, that our client did not live with her and was refusing to leave her home. She also said he had damaged her property and had threatened her by saying, “I’m going to off you.”

A few weeks after his arrest, his wife filed a motion to have the no-contact order lifted. She told a judge that she wanted her husband to come home and that she should never have called 911.

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