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    Jeffrey D. Barrar P.S. | Vancouver Defenders


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Jeffrey D. Barrar P.S. has grown to become the largest criminal defense firm in Southwest Washington. The firm has public contracts to represent indigent defendants in felony and misdemeanor cases and also represents privately retained clients.

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New on the Barrar Law blog...

Husband found not guilty of domestic violence

Attorney Katie Kauffman won a trial this week for a client accused of assaulting his wife.

Jurors deliberated approximately 30 minutes before returning the “not guilty” verdict following a daylong trial Oct. 3 in Clark County District Court.

Our client, who had no criminal history, was arrested in July after two women who’d been driving on Fourth Plain Boulevard called 911 to report that a man and a woman were having a physical altercation in a field next to a parking lot.

The first caller, who testified for the prosecution, told a dispatcher that she saw the man grab the woman and pull her hair. The second caller, who testified for the defense, said it looked as though the woman was stumbling and the man was trying to keep her from falling over. 

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Meyer wins quick verdict in DUI trial

Attorney Zeed Meyer won a quick decision in a DUI trial earlier this month. Jurors deliberated only 20 minutes before returning a “not guilty” verdict.

Meyer’s client was stopped for speeding on state Highway 14. A Washington State trooper clocked him driving 73 mph, 13 miles over the limit. It was about 10 p.m. The trooper said he detected the odor of alcohol on the driver’s breath, and said the driver acknowledged having a few glasses of wine earlier in the day.

The driver couldn’t keep his balance during field sobriety tests and his pupils were pinpricks, both signs of intoxication, the trooper noted in his report. The driver agreed to a breath test, the results of which showed he had alcohol in his system but the amount was below the legal limit.

The trooper decided the driver was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The driver, a cancer survivor, told the trooper he takes multiple prescription medications.

The trooper conducted drug recognition tests and concluded the driver was under the influence of a drug that acts as a depressant on the central nervous system.

The driver agreed to a blood test, which came back negative for drugs.

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Client acquitted of assaulting father

Attorney Gregger Highberg won an acquittal in Clark County District Court last week for a client who was accused of assaulting her father.

Had it been up to the client’s father, the case would have been dismissed. But, as an assistant Vancouver city attorney repeatedly told jurors, this was a case the state was pursuing over the objections of the alleged victim.

The father testified during the Sept. 21 trial that any contact his daughter made with him was accidental.

The assistant city attorney may not have believed him, but jurors did. The jury deliberated approximately 30 minutes before returning the “not guilty” verdict.

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Highberg wins trial in malicious mischief case

Attorney Gregger Highberg won a trial last week in Clark County District Court for a client accused of malicious mischief in the third degree, a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail.

Highberg’s client was accused of damaging his ex-girlfriend’s, ex-husband’s car by throwing a can at the driver’s side door panel. The alleged victim estimated repairs would cost $500 to $1000.

During the July 13 trial, Highberg argued the alleged victim was biased and there were no independent witnesses.

A jury deliberated 15 minutes in Clark County District Court before returning the not-guilty verdict.

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