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Arefi-Pour wins District Court trial

Attorney Leila Arefi-Pour won a trial in Clark County District Court this week for a client charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment.

Jurors deliberated approximately 45 minutes on June 15 before returning the not-guilty verdicts.

Harassment and fourth-degree assault, both gross misdemeanors, carry a maximum sentence of one year in jail each.

Arefi-Pour’s client was arrested May 2 after two of his roommates alleged he had pushed one of them and threatened another during an argument.

Both alleged victims testified at trial that the argument broke out over where to smoke in the shared apartment and that during the argument, Arefi-Pour’s client hit one of them and threatened bodily harm to the other. However, over the course of questioning by prosecution and defense, numerous inconsistencies in both alleged victims came out which Arefi-Pour was able to effectively highlight.

As Arefi-Pour told jurors during closing arguments, for a person to be found guilty of a crime, the jury must find that the accused is guilty beyond a "reasonable doubt." She explained to the jury that "reasonable doubt" is similar to when you are going to leave for vacation and you are in the car, about to pull away, and run back inside just to verify you turned the lights and stove off because you think there's a tiny chance you left them on. That is reasonable doubt.

Arefi-Pour also pointed out in closing arguments that the assistant Vancouver city attorney could not prove elements of each crime because the alleged victims kept changing their stories. 

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