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Coming soon: The Kraken

Earlier this year, our office moved from downtown to Uptown. Typically when giving directions to our office we use local landmark businesses such as Vancouver Pizza Company or Main Street Marijuana. But since the sidewalk in front of our office, at 23rd and Main streets, will soon be home to the city's newest public art installation, we can just tell people to look for 'The Kraken.'" 

Today, we got a sneak peek at the piece that was selected through a joint effort by the Clark County Arts Commission and the Uptown Village Association. It's a tentacle that will appear to snake up out of the sewer, as a manhole cover will be affixed to the top. We were also given a image of what it will look like when it's installed.  


As far as we know, Seattle artist Matthew Dockrey hasn't named the piece, but we immediately named it "The Kraken," as it evokes the legendary sea monster. 

According to the proposal Dockrey submitted to the arts commission, he took note that the request for proposals called for something "whimsical." 

"I am proposing a rusty steel tentacle coming up through a sewer manhole," he wrote. "The tentacle would be welded together out of CNC waterjet cut pieces, the shape of each one coming directly from the 3D model. Ideally the manhole ring and cover would be the standard designs used in Vancouver, for added authenticity." 

Given that we are a criminal defense firm, one attorney suggested the installation evokes the long arm of the Vancouver Police Department. But a majority favors the amusing/horrifying idea of a sea monster lurking beneath the streets. 

No word on when "The Kraken" will emerge. 

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