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Hiring expert pays off for client

In some cases, it may benefit clients to hire an outside expert to conduct an in-depth analysis of the facts of the case. Often, an expert can confirm or strengthen a defense while weakening the prosecution's case.

This strategy recently worked for attorney Nate Pliska. He had a client who was charged in Clark County District Court with hit and run, a gross misdemeanor, after the rear end of his 20-foot U-Haul van reportedly made contact with another vehicle and the client didn't stop and exchange information with the other driver as required by law. 

The outcome of the case would prove critical to the client, as he drove for work and a conviction would have resulted in a mandatory yearlong suspension of his driver's license.

Working on theories that either there never was any contact, or, due to the size of the U-Haul and the minimal damage, the client never felt the impact and thus did not know to stop, Pliska hired an accident reconstruction expert.

Although it was found there was contact between the vehicles, the expert confirmed that the client probably never felt the impact because it was so brief and minimal. 

Faced with having a jury hear this expert testimony, the prosecutor dismissed the charge of hit and run, preserving the client's license and by extension his job. 

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