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Jury sees through false allegations

I represented a mother accused of committing fourth-degree assault against her adult daughter. Facing false allegations from her daughter was painful enough, but the crime also carried a maximum penalty of 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Fortunately, on January 15 a Clark County District Court jury saw through the false allegations and found my client not guilty.

The charge stemmed from an incident that occurred at my client’s home. My client had allowed her adult daughter to stay with her for a period of time. After an argument about household chores, the daughter attacked my client and shortly after called the police to falsely report that it was her mother who became violent.

The situation was made even more complicated because my client tried to protect her daughter from being arrested when the police arrived. She told the police that her daughter did not do anything wrong and that if he was going to arrest anyone, to just arrest her. Although it was clear to the officer that he was not getting the full story, he arrested my client who gave a half-hearted and false admission.

At trial my client and I were able to effectively convey to the jury what actually happened the day of the arrest. We explained my client only made contact with her daughter in self-defense and that when the police showed up, my client put the blame on herself solely to protect her daughter.

It helped our case that the police officer remembered the situation well and was able to testify that he suspected he never got the full picture of what really happened that day. Of course we were pleased with the result, but the victory was bittersweet for my client who had been put through such an ordeal by her own daughter.

Still, we were hopeful that with time the relationship would mend and we were happy to have justice in court.

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