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Kauffman wins third trial in a row

Defense attorney Katie Kauffman won her third trial in a row on Oct. 28, when she successfully defended a man accused of assaulting his wife.

The jury deliberated approximately 30 minutes before returning the not-guilty verdict.

Kauffman's client was arrested in July and charged with fourth-degree assault domestic violence for spitting in his wife's face outside of a bar, where he'd gone to tell her she needed to come home. His wife was intoxicated and accused her husband of threatening her and threatening a guy who'd been buying her drinks.

Kauffman's client denied making threats but admitted to police officers to spitting.

During the trial in Clark County District Court, Kauffman argued that the spitting was in self-defense.

Both the man's wife and her drinking buddy were intoxicated, while Kauffman's client was sober. His wife grabbed his shirt and it ripped, but she tried to downplay her actions when she testified at trial, making it sound as though his shirt ripped by accident.

A defense investigator told jurors, however, that during a pre-trial interview the alleged victim acknowledged aggressively grabbing her husband and ripping his shirt.

Kauffman's client told jurors that he was frustrated with his wife but didn't want to push her away from him or touch her at all because she was so drunk he was worried she'd fall over, so he ended up spitting in her face.

Kauffman's client had no prior criminal history. Fourth-degree assault carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

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