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LeClair wins DV trial in District Court

Attorney Mitch LeClair successfully argued against an assault charge in a domestic violence trial on April 26 in Clark County District Court.
LeClair’s client was arrested in February and charged with assault in the fourth degree, a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail.
After receiving instructions, including one on self-defense, the jury deliberated approximately an hour before returning the “not guilty” verdict.
The alleged victim, who shares a child with LeClair’s client, did not show up to testify. Neither did her cousin, who was one of the witnesses the city had wanted to call to the stand.
A neighbor who had called 911 to report the alleged assault did show up to testify but may have helped the defense. She claimed the defendant punched his ex-girlfriend so hard she was knocked unconscious. The neighbor also said she saw the alleged victim push the defendant before the defendant struck back.
LeClair told jurors it was unlikely the alleged victim was knocked unconscious, given that the photographs taken by Vancouver police officers of the alleged victim showed no visible injuries to her face.
A police officer who testified for the prosecution confirmed the alleged victim had no visible injuries and that she appeared extremely intoxicated.
The client testified in his own defense. He said that the situation became physical when the alleged victim pushed him.
LeClair was assisted at the trial by attorney Andrew Lawhon. During closing argument, LeClair emphasized that the evidence showed that the alleged victim was the one who initiated physical contact. He said his client may have been a victim, as his ex-girlfriend tried to push him down a flight of exterior stairs. Any contact his client's hands had with his ex’s face, LeClair said, was a result of the client trying to protect himself from being attacked.

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