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Meyer wins domestic violence assault trial

Attorney Zeed Meyer’s client was recently acquitted of domestic violence assault in Clark County District Court.

Meyer said the jury deliberated approximately 90 minutes before returning a not-guilty verdict at the end of a daylong trial July 10.

At the time of the alleged assault, Meyer’s client was separated from his wife and mother of two daughters. His wife and children were staying with his parents, and he stopped by the residence to say goodnight to daughters. His youngest daughter said she wanted to go home with him, and so he took her home.

His wife, after agreeing to the arrangement, called him and they got into a fight about an unpaid bill. She told him she wished he was dead, and then drove to the family home. She called 911 and claimed that her estranged husband had struck her in the face at the front door. Officers who responded noted that one of her cheeks appeared red.

The client denied the allegation. He showed Meyer photographs of his wife and said her cheeks are often flushed and she would not need to be hit for them to appear red.

At trial, Meyer was able to effectively question what motivation the alleged victim may have for claiming she’d been assaulted. She’d said, during a pre-trial interview, she wants full custody of the children. The client’s mother and father each testified that their daughter-in-law had told them she wanted to get a restraining order and had repeatedly said she wished their son was dead.

Jurors initially deliberated for 30 minutes and said they’d reached a verdict, but after they returned to the courtroom and were individually polled by the judge only five out of the six jurors said they’d voted not guilty. Judge Kristin Parcher ordered jurors to resume deliberations to see if they could reach a unanimous verdict. After an additional hour of discussing the case, they did.

Had Meyer’s client been convicted of fourth-degree assault, a gross misdemeanor, he could have been sentenced to up to one year in jail.

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