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Walk Slowly And Carry A Big Stick

One of my clients was found not guilty of disorderly conduct and unlawful display of a weapon by a Clark County District Court jury on March 4, following a one-day trial.

He was arrested by a Vancouver police officer for harassment, but the charges were amended by the Vancouver City Attorney's office during the course of the case.

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Winning before the jury is seated

As anyone who has reported to jury duty knows, the selection process is tedious. But it’s important. One of our attorneys, Nate Pliska, showed in a January 23 trial why putting in the time during jury selection can pay off at the end of the day, when the jury begins deliberations.

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Predictably unpredictable

On April 1, a Clark County District Court jury found one of our clients not-guilty of theft in the third degree.

As with any case that makes it all the way to trial, there was a lot of behind-the-scenes work the jury would never even hear about. Prior to trial, a drug possession charge was dismissed once an assistant Vancouver city attorney was provided with certified medical documents proving our client had a prescription for the drugs that police found in her purse when she was arrested for theft. The client did plead guilty to a charge of bail jump the morning of trial, before the jury was selected, because she had skipped an earlier mandatory court appearance.

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