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The unique challenge of representing clients who are mentally ill

A recent front-page story in The Columbian, "Defending the mentally ill: Balancing the scales" featured one of our attorneys, Christie Emrich.

"Christie Emrich, an attorney with Vancouver Defenders, knows all too well the challenges that come with defending a client who suffers from a mental illness.

'The deterioration of the human condition is just awful,' she said. 'We see a lot of young clients who develop mental health issues as they enter adulthood. Mental illness can be a fluid thing. You can be healthy and happy and then hit a catalyst and spiral out of control.'

Emrich has represented clients in Clark County's Mental Health Court in District Court off and on since 2006. She said these clients present a unique challenge as they maneuver through the criminal justice system, especially if they don't qualify for the specialty court."

Emrich, and other attorneys at our firm, have a wealth of experience representing clients who are mentally ill. Our attorneys understand how to request mental evaluations from Western State Hospital, advocate for treatment and work with prosecutors to explore alternative sentencing options.

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